Hancock Fallout 4

Today we are giving nice post on john Hancock fallout 4 because he is nice part of this game. Any one who playing it they should know Fallout 4 Hancock. As we know John Hancock is a monster who lives in the settlement called goodneighbor. He can be found at the S scollay square. He serves as an unofficial mayor of this settlement. He is the alienate brother of the diamond city’s mayor.

The monster john cut of his relation with him as the diamond city’s mayor banned all the monsters from his city. Hancock tried a lot for saving as many monsters as he could for relocating from diamond city to the goodneighbor town or settlement. He saved many people as he could but a lot them could not adjust in the goodneighbor.

Hancock fallout 4

He is really penal against the one who breaks the laws of the goodneighbor. But he is a very good friend and a valuable supporter against the ones who treat him with respect and who punishes the guilty, he also a good friend towards the one who protects the innocent ones. Before Hancock becoming the mayor of the goodneighbor.

The mayor of the city was ruthless mob boss who was named vic. Presently john Hancock is a self-appointed mayor of the goodneighbor town. Hancock is a likely candidate for romance. You can get Hancock at the music quest called recruiting Hancock.

hancock fallout 4

Whom does Hancock like

  • Cait
  • Nic valentine
  • Maccready
  • Strong
  • Codsworth
  • Curie

He is also openminded with dogmeat, Preston garvey, piper and X6-88

Hancock also occasionally gives the character chems. Like most of the other companions. He also makes comments about the places visited and generally regarding the commonwealth. Hancock is a very good and friendly monster who is always wearing his very old fashioned 3 cornered hat as a trade mark in the fallout 4 video game. He is not only the mayor of the goodneighbor but also a companion of your heroes.

In case you want to find Hancock then you must go to the city which is in the east to the goodneighbor. Because this is the place where the monsters from the diamond city were settled.

fallout 4 hancock

How to recruit Hancock as a companion 

For winning Hancock as a companion, you must complete the side quest the drive:

  1. First you should get your quest from Bobbi who lives in the side street of the city.
  2. She will ask you to help her with the excavations.
  3. This is being followed by the war against aggressive Mire lurks and a dubious meeting in the diamond city.
  4. Go back to the excavation where you will be meeting Bobbi and Mel wait.
  5. Bobbi has really apart from Hancock’s possession.
  6. Now if you want you can kill Bobbi, divert by the diplomacy of her plan or also kill every one except for Bobbi.
  7. No need to worry no matter what ever you choose but at the end you will be able to go to Hancock and also recruit him as a companion.

Hancock’s strengths and weaknesses 

Hancock is a monster whose greatest strength is his resistance towards the weather conditions of the wasteland. The nuclear storms and the radioactivity can never harm him but instead of harming him it strengthens his contrary, also his health. In the fights he is a huge support and can also hold his own with a shotgun.

Hancock’s likes as well as dislikes

Hancock has a decaying hard shell. But he is rated with selfless behaviour on your part very positive. In case you are selfish and groundless then it may be a problem for you to make up a good relation with him as he hates selfish and groundless people. Though Hancock looks bad but he is a true do-gooder. And he is every time helpful and selfless. If you think your self to be with the same qualities then you have truly found Hancock. As said before if you are selfish and groundless then your relationship will surely suffer with minus points.

You can use chems which will give a positive impact, you can also donate things for getting a positive impact. Killing a non-hostile, rubbering and running here and there without clothes will bring you a negative impact from Hancock. You can also get a positive impact from Hancock by generous and peaceful acts.

Hancock is probable the most handsome and stylish man in the commonwealth. He will definitely introduce himself to you in a very best way as possible by stabbing someone which will make you feel scared. He is a very loyal friend; a lot more peaceful buddy and he is also a violent chap in some cases. Hancock is known as a kind of mayor who will also break the one or two legs of the ones who would cross his words or also the ones who think of crossing his words. Apart from this he can be a good friend for the people who respect him.

The Isodoped perk of Hancock can also be seen as a double edge sword. The reason behind this is to give the players an ability of recharging Critical Hit meter by 20%. This also requires players to have a radiation value of 250.

It is best to increase the hit points if you would want to get the most out the Isodoped perk because the battles could become a lot more dangerous very quickly with much rads in system of the players. For recruiting him you must complete the big dig quest. On completing the quest Hancock will be taking a leave of absence from the duties of the mayor for travelling with him.


If you bring Hancock to the max affinity then he could be your best friend or lover. He will be found in the scollay square. Hancock can be absolutely romanced. Hancock also wears an American flag as a sash. Hancock can be killed by a player when is regarded as a companion. He can be easily killed by any thing from the wasteland. He uses the weapons like sawed off double barrel, shot gun and a combat knife. He wears a red frock coat and a tricorn hat.

Danny Sullivan