Fallout 4 Freedom Trail Code

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Once the level of road to freedom is completed then the player will be having the chance to become the exclusive member of railroad faction. The guide which will be giving you the details about the hidden secretes out is the freedom trail code.

The first thing to do about the freedom trail code is to follow the quest then trail code will be obtained. At this point we can know the location and the next targets are known. After this get the pass code to find out the hideout. The final step is joining the rail faction. In fallout 4 the important is the point u which is also called as universal point.

freedom trail fallout 4

Fallout 4 freedom trail code

The trip starts at the red brick path. This route will be helping to unlock the seals placed throughout the journey. There are different locations in the map which shows the history of the places in details. In mean time there will be eight seals placed here and there those seals will be helping to discover the secret from them. The clue of hideout is the end of the journey. Each clue will be having a letter with the alphabet in common found out the clue and complete the journey.

The seals and the location where we can find out them

The entire journey is through the red bricks only. Every player should start their journey in this only. The journey is very interesting as you need to discover th3 eight seals through which the clue will be opened out.

  • The first clue in the journey is “L4”. This will be found near the Massachusetts statue. The state is located near the Boston common city.
  • The second seal will be found in old granary burying ground. Here you should be preparing for the fight with feral. The seal will be “A2”
  • Keep on travelling until you found the old state house. Once the point is reached then you can collect the third seal which is written like this “ O6”
  • From here the travel will be something very thrilling. Keep the guards up as the enemies will be attacking from upside. The fourth seal will be found near old corner bookstore. The seal is written as “3I”
  • Continue the journey until the Faneuil hall. Here you need to be very conscious as the super mutant suicide and the other mutated enemies are going to attack. The seal is written as “5R” here.
  • Fight hard in order to reach the Paul reverse house. Here is the last but one seal will be located. The seal is names as “8d”
  • The trip came to an end by reaching to old north church. The seal contains “ 1R” is the final one to end the travel.

Once the end is reached you can notice the door in which the marked seal will be there lantern on ground. Then fight will be there with ghouls and some other enemies. Then make your journey to the church basement. There will be a hole after reaching it makes a right turn the other doorway will be under debris. Travel until you reach the basement corridors.

Road to Freedom

Point U

University point is resettled by Mayor Bert in the year 2285. The settler Jacqueline Spencer found the hard disk which is containing professor Campbell research. The research is about the reactor efficiency. In order to sell the information he sends it through the caravan but this was know by the institute.

There was discussion between Kellogg and mayor as it was already late the war begun and the settlement of jac was not accomplished. According to Preston Garvey the remarks were too late to save the settlers. The settlement was wiped out in the institute synths over the year 2285.

Layout where the Point U is located

The location where the point u is found is fallout 4 in south Boston. The entire layout will be in unmarked quest so that the players need to visit each building. But most of the clues are placed at Sedgwick hall and administration building only. At the time when the sole survivor arrives the entire area is under the synths and the mirelurks. Depending upon the sole survivor the synths will be hostile.

freedom trail

Follow the Freedom trail quest

There are multiple ways of entering into the quest. But the simplest one is eavesdrop in one location when you found the two locations. The quest will be beginning by travelling into the diamond city or good neighbour. If you select the diamond city then walk around until you hear some secret about the railroad function. By selecting the diamond city the people will be either of market or dugout inn.

Once the secret of railroad function is heard then jumps into the freedom trail. Now the objective of the map will be changed you can see the objectives which is displyed through icon in your map.

Follow them until you reach the Boston which is near to the park street station. You will see the foundation with a note of “at journey end follow the freedom lantern”. There will be a tour bot placed beside the foundation this state’s about the historical tourism in the city.

fallout 4 railroad

Getting the fallout 4 railroad code

Travel until you find the freedom trail ring in the walls. There will be a large ring with the padlocks around it to unlock it you need to set a password for it. The rings must turned clockwise and anti clockwise to line up. Once it is done then the centre button to be pressed inside. Then enter with the help of lines and enter the password RAILROAD.

This is the passed given through the seals. Once the password is entered then there will be several railroad faction waiting inside. The one among them is Desdemona. She will be explaining the task and helping you. Be honest and confident to the questions. Then she will be accepting you.

freedom trail code

Joining the railroad faction

After answering to the Desdemona accept the tradecraft. When this quest is completed return to Desdemona. You have the choice here whether to accept it or not to admit in the railroad faction. If you choose the quest complete it by fast travel on the point of the map.

If you are interest in doing the multiple quests you can do it at this stage in the railroad faction. But doing more factions will be effecting the actions and disapproving the future. There are two factions in railroad they are brotherhood of steel and institute that are highly in the railroad agents.

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