Fallout 4 Achievements

You might be searching for Fallout 4 achievements steam, Don’t worry you are lading good web page for complete fallout 4 steam achievements list. As we know that Achievements are given by completion of levels. This may be in the form of medals or awards. The achievements will be given on basis of their performance in the game. There are different forms of awards given when the specific task is completed. It may be gamer score or a medal. In medal we have gold, silver and bronze.

The entire performance of the player is taken into an account and the medals will be awarded. If you have any save file in the game then the achievement will not be allowed here. Although there are many personal computers in which mods are stetted according to it to get the achievement in save mod also. The more you play the more is the achievements and the highest level you reach.

Fallout 4 Achievements

Primary the achievements are given to the Xbox only. By unlocking the achievement the player will be getting the gamer score. Mods do not unlock the achievements. So the players need to be pay extra attention to get achievements and trophy’s in each level.

Trophies came into extensions by play station 3. This version created the trophies systems and had introduced the trophies into three categories like bronze, silver and gold. According to performance of the player the trophies will be given.

Gold, silver or a bronze trophy is given to the player based on the difficulty accomplishment. When compared with these three the gold is more experienced level. So if the player is experienced then the gold trophy is given to him.

There is a platinum trophy this is achieved once the player unlocks all the trophies. There are many small games in play station where we cannot see the platinum trophies. These are given to the bug games. Trophies will be given to the players based on the network profile screen. So maintain is as good to get more and more trophies.

Fallout 4 Achievements

Fallout 4 Achievements lists

There is a big list in the in Fallout 4. At each level the player need to acquire all these achievements and trophies. Once they collect the trophies the level will be completed and the new task will be assigned to the player.

This process continues until they reach the final destination. In mean while the player need to collect the achievements and trophies to get enough marks to reach the final. The below is the list of achievement to be collected by the player.

Fallout 4 Achievements list

1. Main quest:

At this level the player need to collect the achievements in different locations. Along with the achievements they need to collect the trophies also. The number of score points indicates the type of the trophy. If the points match the trophy then they can get the trophy. Here is the achievements list in the main quest.

  • The first achievement in main quest is war never changes it will be found in the location of waste lands. You need to score at least 10 points at this stage to achieve the bronze trophy.
  • The second achievement is when freedom calls. The player need to complete the freedom calls level and should contains 10 points to get the bronze trophy.
  • The third achievement in the man quest is unlikely valentine. Complete the unlikely valentine as soon as possible. Here you need to have 20 points. Then the bronze trophy is taken.
  • Coming to the forth achievement it is names as reunions. The reunions have to complete with 20 points and the trophy will be given to the player.
  • The next achievement is dangerous minds. The dangerous mind should be completed to get the bronze trophy the player needs to gain 20 points.
  • Hunter is the next achievement. By getting 20 points in the score bronze trophy will be relived and the achievement will be unlocked.
  • Molecular level is achievement designed to complete the quest. Player who achieved 20 points will be getting bronze trophy here.
  • The nuclear option is the achievement. Player needs to complete the nuclear option with 30 points to get the silver trophy.
  • The last and the final achievement of the main quest is prepared for the future. By getting 50 points in the prepared for future to get the gold trophy. Deciding the after in the common wealth is know at this point.

2. Institute

This is the next hurdle for the player. In this institute type the achievements and the trophies are to be cleared to move on to the next level.

  • Institutionalized is the first achievement that can be seen in the institute level. This level will be tough when compared with the previous one. Player need to complete the institutionalized in the given time by getting 1o points to get the bronze trophy.
  • Mankind refined is the second level of achievement which is seen in the institute. By completing the level with 10 points in the score board the player will be awarded with bronze trophy.
  • The third achievement in the institute is called as Powering up. Once the power up is completed the player should have the bronze trophy with 10 points.
  • The last stage in the institute is nuclear family. Here by getting 30 score points players will be getting a silver trophy.

3. Minutemen:

This level is the shortest level in the fallout 4. This level can be completed by crossing three hurdles in the level.  The details of the level are given below.

  • The first step: Player need to join the first step in Minutemen to get into this level. The bronze trophy will be given to the player who is having 10 points with them.
  • Taking independence: The level taking independence will be completed by grabbing the bronze trophy and having 10 points.
  • Old guns: This is the last stage in the minutemen so complete this level by getting 30 points. This will be done once the silver trophy is taken.

4. Brotherhood of steel:

This is the curial to the whole play. So each player need to work more on this stage to get into next level. There are only 3 levels in it.

  • Semper invicta: By getting 10 points at this point the player will be having the skill to take the bronze trophy. By getting this trophy the level will be completed.
  • Blind betrayal: Bronze level will be given to the player who completes this level by scoring 10 points.
  • Ad Victoriam: The ad Victoriam will be completed by having 30 points with them. Once the level is completed then the silver trophy is given to the player.

5. Railroad:

This is the midst way to go into the highest level. So players need to cross this level by their performance. There will be two bronze trophies and a silver trophy to complete this level.

  • Tradecraft: By joining the railroad the first quest is tradecraft. Players will be getting the bronze trophy by scoring 10 points at this level.
  • Underground undercover: Complete this level by scoring 10 points. The bronze trophy will be given once the level is completed.
  • Rockets’ red glare: The level will be finished if the player is having 30 points with them and should also get the silver trophy.

6. Workshop/settlement:

In this level we can see only the bronze levels. Players need to complete the task by scoring sufficient points. Once the score is achieved then the level will be completed.

  • Sanctuary: This is the first level of workshop. The bronze trophy is given once the player gets points with them.
  • Community organizer: The player who has the 20 points will be getting the bronze trophy and will be completing this level. Here the player needs to become allied with 3 settlements.
  • Benevolent leader: By reaching to this level player will be happy and there will be a large settlement. By scoring 20 points at this point the bronze trophy is yours.

General achievement list:

This level will be having all types of trophies. By achieving all the trophies the level will be completed. If the player collects all the three trophies they the platinum trophy will be given to them. So at this stage the player’s performance will be given the utmost priority. If you complete the platinum trophy also you will be clearing the level. There are 50 levels. If the player completes all the 50 levels then he will be eligible for the platinum trophy.

The achievements to be completed at this level are gun for hire, mercenary, scavver, whats your is mine, robco’s worst nightmare, armed and dangerous, wasteland DIY, never go it alone, lovable, fix er upper, future retro, the harder they fall, ranger corps, prints not dead, prankerster return, mass hole, animal control, homerun, touchdown, they are not dolls, they are action figures, born survivor, common wealth citizen, unstoppable wanderer, legend of the wastes and platinum trophy.


The achievements is having all the three trophy so if the player collects all the three then he will be reaching to the level stage which is collection of platinum one. By achieving the last one the task will be completed. If you need any more info then you should explore our many fallout 4 categories for better topics.

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